Michelle Depper-Westwood

'I was first introduced to EquiAmi about 9 months ago. I was fascinated by the product as it was the first lunging aid to come onto the market that not only worked on the front of the horse but also passively encouraged them to work from the hindquarters without providing a fixed point for the horse to lean on.

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Damascus II

Damascus has always been an incredibly willing horse but wasn't strong or supple enough. I have been using the EquiAmi on the Damascus for the past year.  That, along side correct work under saddle, has enabled him to achieve a considerably looser topline.

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Frederick A. Cook endorse the Equiami Riding Aid

Frederick & Rowena Cook endorse the EquiAmi Riding Aid


V B eventing endorsement

Hi Hilary,
I just had to email you already to tell you that I am very, very pleased with the EquiAmi so far.
I have used it on all three of my horses who are at very different stages of retraining.  My top horse who is currently at BE Intermediate level, so is very established, completely understood how it worked the first time he wore it on the lunge and was within minutes stretching down very nicely indeed whilst working in with a lovely forward movement.
My newest horse off the track a 4yr old worked it out the second time I used it and again was subsequently working very well over his back.

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Karen Bosworth’s super showjumper Calendar Girl (Mardi)

She is an 8/9 year old bought as a 4 year old, broken but difficult, very one sided and stiff through her back. She was very strong and used to bolt. She was worked a lot in EquiAmi to begin with and now we just use when needed. She works beautifully in it soft round outline and is very relaxed.

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We've been to Dublin

We took our products to the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show, August 3rd to 7th.

We had a brilliant time in Dublin. The horses and ponies were, as you would expect, totally fabulous. The Irish people have every right to be very proud of them. The people were very friendly and extremely well informed. Breeding, breeders and stud information is much more widely publicised than in the UK with breeders getting much more recognition for the part they play in the production of top level horses and ponies. Our training aids went down really well and all in all we felt the whole exercise had been very well worth the effort. We do hope we will be able to go to Dublin again.