Wow! Your Horse Live was great

Thanks to those who came to see us at our tradestand at Your Horse Live, we had lots of great feedback from old customers and met and talked to lots of new ones. We look forward to some feedback and pictures in the near future and would like to wish you all happy lungeing.

Best wishes, Hilary.

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Endorsment Update update on me Sharon and William we have now been working with the EquiAmi for four weeks and we have had real improvements. We now have the elastic feel which is fab and we got it in the arena competing and won on 70% fantastic thankyou.

Endorsement from USA

Angela Guy from Houston, Texas had her EquiAmi lungeing aid to use on an ex-racehorse some months ago. This is what she wrote:

“My new horse was very upside down in his muscling, with huge underside neck and withered muscles from always going around with his head and neck up like a giraffe on crack! :-) I thought I would share my thoughts on your great product! Firstly, it is so easy to use! Secondly, I am pleased with the quality construction, without the unnecessary hardware! I use to have one of the other more expensive American lunging "rigs", and promptly E-bayed it after using the EquiAmi just a few times!

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Endorsement from Sue Brennan

Sue Brennan, Accredited British Dressage Trainer based in the West midlands purchased a Combi in 2007 after seeing our products at a trade stand and then having a demonstration at her premises. She has recently given us this endorsement:

We have lunged various horses in the EquiAmi and found it beneficial in developing rhythm and balance which the horses have been able to re-produce when ridden. The horses have quickly offered a more correct outline after using the EquiAmi. The demo appointment was organised (withut too long a wait for an appointment) and you turned up promptly and everything was explained very clearly & thoroughly.
Many thanks,
Sue Brennan

You can find out more about Sue and her work by visiting

Endorsement from Barry Adams

Equine physiotherapist Barry Adams came to our premises for a demonstration and bought a Combi to use as part of his work in the treatment and ongoing care of competition horses. Barry's clients include top international dressage riders as well as a wide range of riders from all disciplines. Barry has given us the following endorsement:

"I treat Grand Prix horses and I have found the EquiAmi lungeing aid to be excellent in improving the muscle structure all round, in particular where muscle wastage has occured due to a lay off, or indeed injury". Barry also said he would be happy to to talk to anyone about the training aids if they liked and he can be contacted on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Barry is based at Bishop's Castle in South Shropshire and travels extensively.

Pony sizes & Miniature

Hi everyone, you will be pleased to hear that the pony sized training aids are now available. We now offer the Combi and Riding aids in both Full and Pony sizes and the Lungeing aid comes in Full, Pony and Miniature sizes for those of you who show these small breeds and want to encourage them to move in a fabulous outline. We were asked to produce these to help tiny ponies move in a nice outline for showing. We will see how they go, but it should be interesting and fun.

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