Gillian purchased a lungeing aid on-line and has emailed us

Great device! Loving it! Really simple to use and adjust.Taught my daughter how to use it last night ( shes 17) and her ID absolutely loves it! He is even doing collected walk/canter transitions! Really easy to adjust and they really cant lean on it, and the bum is right underneath them! Ive never got on with side reins etc, as they always seem too resticting, and you seem to have to continually adjust them - but this is super.

Endorsement from Hartpury

It was very exciting to receive an endorsement from Hartpury as the staff there are highly trained, knowledgeable and were a bit sceptical at first, but agreed to try a prototype for a while.

Kathryn Nankervis MSc CVPM, of Hartpury Equine Veterinary and Therapy Centre in Gloucestershire says:

“We have found the Equiami to be a very useful training aid, particularly for younger or less well educated horses where we are trying to encourage a lower head carriage.

It works well for horses which have ewe necks and/or an extended posture and we have had great results when using it in horses recovering from back surgery”.

Alyson, who purchased a combi at Your Horse Live emailed


I would just like to say what a fantastic aid the equiami is.

I saw your stand at your horse live show and was so impressed with the talk and tv demo i bought the combi there and then.

A bit apprehesive when I got home, about where to start.

I have an ex-racehorse that is fairly new with us and he likes to get his head above the bit when you ask him to do anything he does not want to and not very supple or schooled. I tried just the front piece first until he settled and that was good then introduced the rear piece and after a few bucks he worked like a different horse.

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The Theory Of The Loop

You can now read our theory of the loop by cliking this link: The Theory of the Loop. EquiAmi is proud to announce that its products are now regulary used and endorsed by rider and trainer Sue Brennan.

Visit her site here:

3 Wishes Granted to Lottie Prentice

lottie1When Lottie Prentice, the British 3 Day Event rider from Syde Park near Cheltenham, was asked to try out the EquiAmi training aid on behalf of Horse magazine for a tried and tested report, she said "I really have three wishes; I want to improve my horses’ performance; save time working the horses and make life easier; if any new aid can fulfil these I will be amazed".

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