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What are the main benefits of using the EquiAmi lungeing aid?
1.Easy to fit: less than two minutes to a horse prepared for lungeing.
2.Readily accepted: free movement & lack of tension means less resistance.
3.Simple to adjust: the loop doesn’t require both sides to be adjusted.
4.Soft equal contact: the aid self-centres giving the horse a soft, equal contact.
5.Self-centring: no adjustment required for changes of rein.
6.Easy to un-tack: quickly comes apart for un-tacking.
7.Saves time: quick and easy to use and saves time in professional yards.
8.Easy to use: makes lungeing less intimidating for inexperienced users.
9.DVD instructions: comes with a DVD and fully illustrated instruction booklet.
10.Storage: comes in a Hessian storage bag to hang in the tack room.

How soon will I receive my training aid?
We aim to dispatch all orders within one working day whenever possible. We use Royal Mail packet or parcel post depending on the size of the parcel and include compensation cover where appropriate.

Isn't this just the same as other training aids that are available?
Absolutely not! We have been granted a full UK patent for EquiAmi training aids; something that we are very proud of. It is different and is now officially recognised as being different and novel. Once you have seen it working you begin to see the difference.

I want to try a training aid, but I am sure that I will find it too complicated to use and adjust.
The EquiAmi training aids are very user friendly. Both aids are self-centring so you don’t have to worry about adjusting both sides equally, and no adjustment is need for changes of direction. This saves both time and hassle. The adjusters were chosen as they are easy to use even when wearing gloves.

Is there any point in buying a training aid for a competition horse with no particular problems?
It is good for your horse’s back for him to be worked from the floor once or twice a week. Using the EquiAmi lungeing training aid, your horse can have a good workout in a relatively short time and this can be very useful during fittening work. We often neglect the important muscles that support the saddle and rider. Under saddle the blood flow can be restricted in this area. By allowing these muscles to 'pump up' in a gymnastic workout as provided by use of the EquiAmi lungeing aid, they will be better able to support the saddle away from the spine therefore improving both comfort and performance.

My horse has a habit of resisting the bit, especially in transitions. Will the EquiAmi riding training aid help me to resolve this?
Undoubtedly, as this aid helps the horse to accept the hand, and to establish a much lighter, lower and softer contact with the bit.

What happens if my horse doesn’t like the training aid?
In our experience, horses generally accept the training aid quite quickly as it does not pull or force them into a shape. It quietly encourages them to work in a softer rounded outline then rewards them for doing so. Many people are amazed at how well their horses go and how little resistance is offered.

Will the training aid rub my horse?
In our experience of over two years of use on many different horses, no horses have been rubbed. The rope was chosen, as it is high strength yet very soft and light. When fitted and used according to the instructions, the aids are never tight, or used for long periods. Our motto is 'if it's tight; it's too tight'. The hind piece is not much more than a fillet string and as it is used for short periods only, no issues have been found.

How soon can I expect to see my horse improve using the EquiAmi lungeing training aid?
Sometimes it can take a horse two or three sessions before they learn to ‘work inside the loop’ though this often happens quite quickly. You can then expect to see your horse start work in a better outline. As with any work to change muscle profile, it takes several weeks to increase muscle mass. You will know yourself that one or two sessions in the gym are not enough to create a ‘six-pack’ from untrained muscles. Changes that are brought about over time are less stressful for the horse and more likely to be long-term in nature.

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