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Lungeing Aid

The EquiAmi lungeing training aid can be fitted to a horse tacked up in a snaffle bridle and lungeing roller in just a few minutes. It is designed to be used for 20 minutes twice a week for fit, competition horses or more frequently at lower intensity for rehabilitation purposes.
The pack is accompanied by a short DVD which shows how to fit and use the aid alongwith clear printed instructions.


Correct use of the EquiAmi training aid encourages the horse to work in a soft, round outline, to work with engagement of the hindquarters, and to carry himself.It works by suggestion and reward, and by connecting the whole horse.

The unique, patented design of EquiAmi training aids place the horse inside a self-centering loop. The positioning of the loop of the lungeing training aid encourages the horse to bring its hind legs underneath its hindquarters, to lower its head and shorten its frame. As the horse adopts a more rounded outline, it is immediately rewarded by the training aid becoming looser.
When the training aid is working at its best it is applying absolutely no pressure and the horse is working in a relaxed manner. As the loop is self-centering and is not fixed, the horse is unable to lean on the aid so has to learn to balance and carry itself.

Another advantage of the loop system is that it is only necessary to make adjustments to one side of the training aid as it is a loop and self-centres so always remains equal provided it is fitted correctly. Whilst not designed for unbroken horses, it can be used as part of a basic training routine, once a young horse is comfortable with a rope or long rein around the hindquarters.
Teaching a horse to work through his back from the start makes more sense than making corrections or retraining at a later stage though this is equally well achieved using the EquiAmi lungeing aid.


                                                 provides a good workout for fit horses when weather conditions or time constraints restrict riding. It is also recommended by experts that we work our horses from the floor once or twice a week so that the important muscles that support the saddle can work without pressure. This enables unrestricted blood flow through these muscles to allow them to 'pump-up' and strengthen. This in turn supports the saddle and rider more effectively and lifts the saddle away from the spine when ridden


Rosie Thomas's Barry's Best working in the EquiAmi lungeing aid as part of his preparation for Badminton; good luck to them.

The lungeing aid comprises a leather (premium) or webbing (standard) chest piece and two colour coded sections of the lungeing loop in a storage bag, with printed instructions for fitting and use and a complimentary DVD.
The chest piece is cleverly designed to work with any roller. It has a flat loop to slide over a roller or alternatively this can be unclipped and the chest piece can clip directly on to a roller that has a D ring on the belly section.

Our premium products are made in Walsall, England from top quality materials for quality and durability. For our fastest service use our telephone card payment option; if answerphone we will call you back as soon as possible 01584 891049.

The EquiAmi lungeing aid is endorsed and regularly used by top event rider Rosie Thomas From Grafton Farm as well as by Lissa Green, Harry Meade, Jonty Evans, Christian Landolt, Natasha Baker MBE and many others.

It is used at the Hartpury Equine Veterinary and Therapy Centre on horses post spinal surgery.

We are also happy to now be associated with Taylored Equestrian at their fabulous new therapy centre in Baschurch, Shropshire where Zoe Taylor Doran endorses the use of our lungeing aid for horses requiring muscle build up.



Pole work is an excellent way to build up a horse's core strength and increase hind limb activity and shoulder lift.

To see this in a video clip please go to: 

Barry's Best working in the EquiAmi lungeing aid.

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