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Standard Combi (Pony SIze)
Lunge Aids, Riding Aids
095.00 GBP
Pony size

The EquiAmi Standard Combi comprises one webbing chest piece, the riding loop, the two colour coded sections of the lungeing loop in a storage bag, with printed instructions for fitting and use.
Since most people would not need to use both the training aids at the same time, buying two identical chest pieces is an unnecessary expense, making this Combi pack an economical choice. Please see both the lunge aid and riding aid for full details. 

Pony size is aimed at welsh Sec. A & B ponies and fits approx 11 - 13 hands.
Full size to fit from approx 13 hands to 16.2/17 hands depending on width and length of forehand.
Extra full is available with a pair of extenders for more room for bigger horses to stretch.


Please note this is our discontiniued version of the training aids, we now offer a more premium version as standard.


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