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Lunge Cavesson (Pony size)
047.00 GBP
Pony size

The EquiAmi Lunge Cavessons are a super modern version of an age old classic.

The innovative EquiAmi lunge cavesson is flatter, lightweight and soft providing a better fit to minimise movement which may cause pinching or rubbing. These lunge cavessons are designed to give more room for the eyes and the broad noseband provides greater comfort for the horse.

The EquiAmi Lunge Cavessons come with detachable bit straps so that they can be used without a bridle.

Designed in house and made in England from high quality soft yet strong polyester webbing, the EquiAmi Lunge cavessons are available in black in three sizes, pony cob and full. The sizing is fairly generous and the pony size is aimed at Welsh A & B / small native types

We were thrilled to be awarded as runner-up in the innovation awards at BETA 2012 against some very strong competition. The judges said: "The low cheeks and wide noseband are beneficial adaptations resulting in a comfortable and well-fitting cavesson. It is user friendly, durable and offers excellent value for money".

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