All about… the EquiAmi Riding Aid

We know that horse owners do a lot for their horses to keep them healthy and happy, from poo picking fields and mucking out to filling hay nets and arranging vet and farrier visits. The reward for most is seeing their horse thrive and being able to ride them. The freedom and feeling of partnership when you’re riding a horse is quite unique and can boost the spirits in moments. We all know how frustrating it is if you can’t ride for a few weeks or months and how brilliant it is to climb back in the saddle afterwards.

Here at EquiAmi our best-known product is our patented lunge aid. It’s designed to help horses develop self-carriage and topline and engage their hindquarters without fixing them in place. The clever self-centering design is a loop which means the horse can’t lean on it. In just two 20-minute sessions a week a horse’s way of going is totally transformed! But what about in between, during ridden work in the school and out hacking? If you’re desperate to ride but still want the EquiAmi magic, what can you do? That’s why we developed the EquiAmi Riding Aid!

The Riding Aid also uses a self-centering loop to gently encourage the horse to accept the hand and help develop a soft, round way of going. Instead of constant pressure or fixing the horse’s head in a ‘correct’ position, the EquiAmi Riding Aid encourages the horse to find their own balance and carriage. It can be fitted to a horse wearing a snaffle bridle and saddle in just a few minutes. Here’s a quick rundown of how to fit it:

  • Attach the chest piece to either a D-ring on your girth or using the girth loop which is included with the riding aid.
  • Then take the long piece and place it over the poll and feed it through the bit rings from the outside in.
  • Fasten each clip at the end of the long piece to the end ring of the short piece to form a loop.
  • Attach clip on short piece to the oval loop on chest piece.
  • Move the sliding adjusters (top and bottom) to take up excess lack without creating any tension, so that the loop is having no effect but isn’t sagging.

Our helpful video – How to use the EquiAmi Riding Aid – has more information on exactly how to fit and check this tool. Once the aid is fitted, warm the horse up as normal with it fitted loosely. Then, when you want to begin your 20 minutes of work, simply lean forward, and move the aid towards you to take up the slack. This means you don’t have to dismount to adjust it. Just like the lunge aid, our riding aid is designed to be used for just 20 minutes, twice a week. It can be used in the school or even out hacking, with that easy-to-adjust design meaning you can work the horse for a 20-minute session during a longer hack and then loosen the loop for them and carry on exploring the countryside.

If you have any questions at all about the EquiAmi Riding Aid, Jo would be delighted to help. Just drop us a line using the contact details here.

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