Bringing our manufacturing home to Britain and focusing on sustainability

When I first took the reins here at EquiAmi (pun definitely intended!) I had a couple of specific goals in mind for the company. Firstly, I wanted to look at ways that I could improve the quality and reliability of the EquiAmi itself and our other products. Secondly, I wanted to explore how I could make EquiAmi greener. I knew this would involve bringing all the manufacturing to the UK and reworking the packaging to ensure it was free from plastic. The EquiAmi is an amazing product which I felt deserved to be known about far and wide in the horse world and tightening up in these areas would really help people know and love us.

British manufacturing is important to me because I want to make sure my small business is supporting people and communities here in the UK. I can also ensure a consistently high quality of product with the added bonus that we’re not flying products around the world before they are sold! 

I’m so pleased to be able to share the news that the patented EquiAmi lunge aid is now manufactured entirely in the UK! Instead of offering a ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ version, we’re selling just one style of EquiAmi. It is crafted from marine-grade rope, a webbing chest piece and solid brass fittings, so there’s a real focus on it being tough and long-lasting. As well as the EquiAmi range, I’m also delighted to share the news that our other equestrian equipment, such as lunge cavessons and rollers, will also be manufactured in the United Kingdom from now on.

We stopped using plastic in any of our packaging earlier this year, choosing instead to use sustainable packaging made from recycled materials. That means that, despite all the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, EquiAmi has hit both of those targets I set when I took on the brand. I’m so pleased, and am now setting myself and the brand some new goals to work towards over the coming years.

If you haven’t explored the EquiAmi and the benefits that just two 20-minute lunging sessions a week can bring, why not take a closer look here:

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