EquiAmi on Rehab and Recovery

The EquiAmi is a fantastic tool for riders of all levels to have in their tack room, whether they are aiming high in their chosen discipline or starting a young horse for the first time. But did you know it’s also a really useful tool for equine rehabilitation? From horses leaving the racetrack and being retrained as a riding horse to those recovering from major surgery, the EquiAmi is a way to help them build correct topline muscle even in walk work and develop balance and self-carriage.

We’ve been sent some wonderful case studies and testimonials over the past few months from people using the EquiAmi in their rehabilitation and training programmes, so we thought we would share them here so our followers can see how it works.

Cruz the barrel racer

The EquiAmi has been instrumental in helping Laura, Cruz’s owner, bring him back to health before and after both his diagnosis for kissing spines and the bone shave surgery he subsequently went through. Kissing spines is a very painful condition for horses and occurs when the bony processes on the vertebrae (dorsal spinous processes) overlap or touch.

Because the back is a dynamic structure, the way the horse carries itself and moves impacts the severity of kissing spines. If you can encourage them to work long and low (which is the posture encouraged by the EquiAmi) the distances between the vertebrae will be slightly greater and that friction reduced. It’s also useful for post-surgery rehab (surgery is used to widen the space between the affected spinous processes) to help the horse gently build muscle and regain balance and self-carriage. Cruz’s owner Ashley told us that she doesn’t know what she would have done without her EquiAmi and that it made all the difference in the world to his recovery.

Jack the veteran dressage pony

Jack is a dressage pony ridden para dressage rider Leonie Saffy. Jack is 23 years old, and Leonie credits the EquiAmi for keeping him in such good shape! The gentle way the EquiAmi encourages horses to use their topline and engage their hindquarters has helped Jack, who is a naturally tense pony, become more relaxed in his work. It’s really helped strengthen his back and improve his core strength. Here at EquiAmi we’re proud to support Leonie on her journey and so it’s wonderful to hear our lunge aid has been instrumental in helping to maintain Jack’s fitness and happiness over the years! Leonie has very recently retired Jack from ridden work, so we very much hope he enjoys his life of relaxation and pampering as a retiree.

You can learn more about how the EquiAmi works here, and if you have any questions about whether it is suitable for your horse please feel free to drop us a line.

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