The no-pressure training aid

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed that we frequently mention how unique our training aid is and that it’s even been patented. Well, we can say those statements with total confidence because they are true! The EquiAmi really is different from the other lunging and training aids available on the market and the patent is our way of protecting that. It’s not only different from the other options on the market, but also far kinder too. That’s because it’s a no-pressure aid.

Whereas many training aids, for example side reins, fix a horse in position and can cause them to lean on the contact, EquiAmi is different. Instead of fixing a horse in an outline, it uses a loop system to encourage them to balance and carry themselves. We believe that when we lunge a horse to improve its fitness and way of going, the last thing we want to do is force it using pressure. When riding is all about softness and responsiveness, why should lunging be any different?

The self-centering loop aims to replicate the give and take of a kind, effective rider’s hands as the horse learns to use its topline and hindquarters more effectively. As the horse lengthens and shortens (as they develop better self-carriage or move up and down the paces), the EquiAmi’s loop responds. It also moves with the horse on circles and other school movements so that a soft, constant contact is maintained when they bend, just the same as a rider would adjust their hand on a circle. This intelligent approach to design and effective imitation of the hands of an experienced rider is what makes the EquiAmi different from the competition.

Here’s how that unique and patented self-centering loop system works:

  • The horse is tacked up with a bridle and cavesson and a lunge roller, with the EquiAmi lunge aid consisting of a webbing chest piece and two colour coded (red and green) sections of the lunging loop.
  • The chest piece is attached to the belly section of the roller and then the red lunging loops are passed around the hindquarters of the horse and through the roller D-rings. The green sections are used to create a loop between the bit and the rest of the lunging aid.
  • The positioning of the loop of the lunging training aid encourages the horse to bring its hindlegs underneath its hindquarters, to lower its head and shorten its frame by developing wither lift.
  • As the horse adopts a more rounded outline, it is immediately rewarded by the training aid becoming looser.
  • When the training aid is working at its best, it is applying absolutely no pressure and the horse is working in a relaxed manner. As the loop is self-centering and is not fixed, the horse is unable to lean on the aid so must learn to balance, lighten, and carry itself.
  • The safety loop that is incorporated in the lunging aid allows sufficient free movement for all horses whilst preventing the horse from catching itself in the mouth at each stride.

We have myriad videos showing how to use and fit the EquiAmi lunge aid correctly to ensure your horse can get maximum benefit from day 1. We sometimes find that horses take a few sessions in the EquiAmi to realise that they are not being forced and fixed in a certain contact. They work out that the loop is self-centering and as the resistance to pressure melts away, the horses start working with softness and swing and seem to really enjoy their work. Take a closer look at our ‘How to Use the EquiAmi’ page to learn more, or feel free to drop us a line.

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