What we look for in our brand ambassadors.

The recent sunny weather has been the perfect backdrop to the start of the competition season, and after so many cancellations and uncertainty last year it’s a pleasure to be able to plan the spring and summer ahead. We’ve particularly enjoyed watching our brand ambassadors out competing, seeing how they get on with new horses or stepping up a level with existing rides. It made us reflect on what makes a great brand ambassador, and we thought we’d share what we look for in a sponsored rider. Let’s dive in! 

Putting the welfare of their horses first

We ask a lot of our horses, and they can’t talk back to us so it’s up to us to make sure they are always comfortable and as happy as possible. That means making sure their tack fits properly, we know exactly how to use tack and training aids and we teach horses how to use their bodies properly to carry our weight and stay safe over fences and undulating ground. We love it when riders take the same approach, gearing their training and feeding regimes, tack and competition schedule all around the welfare of their horses.

They strive to learn more all the time

We’re never standing still here at EquiAmi, and we love it when our brand ambassadors have the same attitude! We’re always on the lookout for new studies and ideas about lunging, training aids and horse physiology to make sure we can help our customers use the EquiAmi to help their horses. We love it when our brand ambassadors ‘get their geek on’ and look for ways to improve their riding and training, helping their horses stay happy and healthy and getting better results.

Sharing good news and updates on social media

Social media is an amazing tool which helps riders and brands communicate directly with their supporters, sharing updates, competition news and more. It’s also somewhere that fans can see ‘behind the scenes’ and learn more about how their favourite partnerships prepare for competitions and rehab after injuries or setbacks. We love spreading the word about our brand ambassadors, sharing their good news and competition results. It goes without saying that we need our sponsored riders to do the same for us, to help spread the word about what we do!

Keeping their side of the bargain

Honesty and openness are essential to a healthy working relationship between a brand and a brand ambassador. If a rider agrees to post once a month on social media about a brand, it’s always going to be important to the brand that the promotion actually happens! The same is true at the other end of the bargain – if a brand says it will supply branded goods or products to a rider several times a year, they need to make sure they do.