Premium Combi Aid

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This is our Combi Aid made using the finest materials. We use English made marine quality rope, solid brass clips and adjusters.
The EquiAmi Combi Aid comprises an English leather chestpiece, the two-colour coded sections of the lunging loop and the black riding loop so you can use either the lunging or riding aid.
Since most people would not need to use both the training aids at the same time, buying two identical chest pieces is an unnecessary expense, making this Combi pack an economical choice
Also included is an instruction booklet that explains how to fit and use the aid all in a hessian storage bag.

ONLY Available in Pony.

Pony size is aimed at welsh Sec. A & B ponies and fits approx. 11 – 13 hands.

Please note this is our discontinued version of the training aids, we will no longer be offering the leather chestpiece one these have sold out.




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