The Riding Aid

The EquiAmi riding training aid can be fitted to a horse tacked up in a snaffle bridle and saddle in just a few minutes. It is designed to be used for 20 minutes twice a week. It is not a one use fixes all aid. Would you walk into the gym and expect to be fit and toned from your first session!?
Results vary and we recommend photos and assessing every 6 weeks.  

The EquiAmi riding aid is designed to encourage the horse to accept the hand and to work in a soft, round outline.
The EquiAmi riding aid will encourage your horse to accept the bit and to work in a soft, round outline. It is not a substitute for poor or inadequate riding and it is important to ride the horse forward to promote engagement of the hindquarters. The EquiAmi riding aid is invaluable in instances where a horse needs to be re-educated having developed problems from harsh bits, dental pain, rough hands, incorrect training or just needs re-training as in racehorse rehabilitation, or happy hacker to competition work. Its other main advantage as an aid is that riders are able to ride the horse normally, without the need for an extra rein, as the horse will work within the loop and reduce the tension between the loop and himself. The rider merely has to pause to adjust the position of the top part of the loop.

The unique, patented design of EquiAmi training aids place the horse inside a self-centering loop. The positioning of the loop of the riding training aid encourages the horse to lower its head and shorten its frame. As the horse adopts a more rounded outline, it is immediately rewarded by the training aid becoming looser. When the training aid is working at its best it is applying absolutely no pressure and the horse is working in a relaxed manner. As the loop is self-centering and is not fixed, the horse is unable to lean on the aid so has to learn to balance and carry itself.
Its other main advantage is that riders are able to ride the horse normally, without the need for an extra rein.

The EquiAmi training aid is also suitable and beneficial to be used for pole work but not for jumping. The chest piece is cleverly designed so that the flat loop that slides over the girth can be quickly unclipped. This means that if you have done flatwork and polework using the riding aid and then wish to jump bigger fences, you can quickly unclip the training aid and remove it without the need to undo the girth. This time saving feature was included as a result of the suggestion of one of my field trialers, the Shropshire based showjumper Karen Bosworth who does a lot of training and schooling with horses and clients of various ages at her busy yard.

The riding aid comprises a webbing chest piece and the riding loop in a storage bag, with printed instructions for fitting. 

EquiAmi training aids are endorsed and recommended by Tot Wall, accredited British Dressage Trainer,  Victoria Bax – accredited British Eventing Coach and the renowned Hartpury Therapy Centre.