Standard Riding Aid

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The EquiAmi Riding Aid encourages your horse to accept the bit and to work in a soft, round outline and promote engagement of the hindquarters.
The EquiAmi Riding Aid can be fitted to a horse tacked up in a snaffle bridle and saddle in just a few minutes. It is designed to be used for 20 minutes twice a week.
The Standard EquiAmi Riding Aid comprises a webbing chest piece and the rope riding loop with full printed instruction booklet that explains how to fit and use the aids, supplied in a hessian storage bag.

Pony size fits approx. 11 – 13 hands (Welsh A & B types).
Full size fits approx. 13 hands up to 17.2 hands.

Please note this is our discontinued version of the training aids, we now offer a more premium version as standard.

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