Why the EquiAmi is different from other lunge aids.

The EquiAmi lunge aid is designed to help horses develop a strong core, topline muscle and self-carriage and accept a constant, forgiving contact. While the idea of a lunge aid isn’t new, with side reins, bungees and the Market Harborough also used with the aim of getting horses working correctly on the lunge, the EquiAmi is completely unique. In fact, it is so unique that the design was awarded a patent to protect other companies from copying the innovative and highly-effective design.

So, what is it that makes EquiAmi different from training tools and lunge aids being sold by other companies?

What is the EquiAmi self-centering loop?

The EquiAmi is designed to mimic the action of an effective and sympathetic rider, giving and taking with the hand and balancing the horse between hand, leg and seat. That design comes in the form of a self-centering loop which encourages the horse to engage its core and topline rather than fixing the head into a low and false position. This means that the horse can’t catch itself in the mouth if it is struggling and it can’t lean on the contact from the aid when it finds the work tiring. We advise people to only lunge in the EquiAmi for 20 minutes at a time because it really does make them work properly!

Why does the unique design matter?

There are lots of lunge aids on the market that fix the horse’s head and neck into the ‘correct’ shape, and that gives the appearance of them being engaged and collected. Others are designed to put pressure on the horse’s hindquarters to make them bring the back end under, again with the aim of getting a pleasing outline. The self-centering loop design of the EquiAmi encourages the horse to find its balance, use its whole topline from the poll to the top of the tail, and work its core. The difference isn’t always apparent after just one session, as a horse needs to develop strength and muscle memory to carry itself properly throughout a whole session. But after a couple of sessions people notice a real difference in their horse’s way of going, as their body gets stronger and they enjoy self-centering loop rather than fixed pressure.

What about the quality of the EquiAmi?

Whereas some products on the market are bulk manufactured from plastic on the other side of the world, the EquiAmi is built to last from high quality materials in Britain. We hear from lots of customers who have used their EquiAmi lunge on multiple horses twice a week for many years and the aid is still as good as new. It’s handmade from tough webbing, English marine-grade rope and solid brass fittings, and there’s even a mending and fixing service should anything go wrong.

Who is the EquiAmi for?

Our lunge aid is suitable for use with all horses and ponies, from fit competition horses and racehorses being reschooled to youngsters being brought on or veterans who benefit from a few days off ridden work each week. The unique, self-centering loop means the EquiAmi helps educate and reschool horses as well as offering a useful workout for the topline and core of horses at the top of their game. Why not give it a go and see how your horse can benefit from the EquiAmi?