Have you seen our innovative new lunge line?

We know horse owners are busy people. Juggling a job which pays enough to keep a horse (or in some cases two or three horses!) fed, shod and stabled means working full time hours for most of us. Then there’s all the care which goes hand in hand with horses – mucking out, hay nets, poo picking, grooming and feeding. Thankfully summer often provides a little respite with more horses able to live out, but it can still be full on. And all if that is before you’ve even addressed their ridden work and fitness! We’ve all been up and out of bed well before the sun rises in winter to squeeze in a ride before work or dashed to the yard for a clinic on a cold dark evening. Riding is why most horse owners do what they do, but it’s tiring at times!

That’s why we advocate mixing things up a bit, with some groundwork thrown into the mix. Using the right tools and training aids, just 20 minutes of lunging can be a really good workout for your horse and saves you some precious time too. We know that for some people, the lack of perceived precision of lunging makes them feel as though it’s not as useful as ridden work, and that’s why we’ve added a new product to the EquiAmi collection – a clever new lunge line design.

The new EquiAmi lunge line is a high-quality piece of training equipment which also has some innovative features which enable you to add some consistency into lunging work. We’ve added coloured tabs which indicate when the horse is working on a 10, 15 or 20m circle, so you can be sure you’re working them equally on either rein and know exactly the size of circle they find easier or harder. Just a quick glance down will show if you need to shorten or lengthen the lunge line to get to the circle size you want. We’ve even allowed for the lower arm length of the person lunging the horse – how smart is that?! The lunge line is soft, padded and fastens with a heavyweight brass swivel clip. It comes packaged in our sustainable hessian bag and we don’t use any plastic packaging for our products. Combined with our carefully designed cavesson and the EquiAmi lunge aid, you’ll be all set to make lunging sessions a useful and regular part of your horse’s routine.

Take a closer look at the new lunge line and the rest of our lunging accessories and training aids and snap yours up today!

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